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I and II Samuel

Skit CategoryTitleCast NeededScript SynopsisScript StatusRating
I and II SamuelSamuel Puppet Show6Hannah (one of Elkanah's two wives) is sad about her inability to bear children. While visiting the tabernacle one year, she makes a promise to God that if He gives her a son, she will give him to God's work. God gives her a son, and after raising him for a few years, she presents Samuel to Eli, the priest of God at the tabernacle. Samuel serves at the tabernacle for several years, until God calls him in the night and gives him a message for the priest.Complete17
I and II SamuelOne Fine Day in Ashdod12The five Philistine Kings are gathered in council, celebrating their victory over the Israelites and the resulting capture of the Ark, as outlined in 1 Samuel 5. As the hand of God begins to be heavy in punishment on the Philistines, the kings try to figure out what to do. Complete1