Christian Skit Resources


Skit CategoryTitleCast NeededScript SynopsisScript StatusRating
RomansThe Inventor8An Inventor builds a number of robots, leaving them an instruction booklet and a few printed signs. As they finish charging and awaken, the robots react in various ways to the authority of the Inventor, illustrating the human response to God's authority as discussed in Romans 3.Complete23
RomansCourt of Justification6A very short courtroom skit exploring the justification a believer receives as a result of the blood of Jesus. Sins past, present and future are all more than atoned-for by the death of Jesus on the cross.Complete20
RomansAn Adventure in Philippi11Romans 5:3-5 teaches us that suffering produces perseverance, which leads to character and ultimately hope, which does not disappoint. This skit follows the story of Paul and Silas when they are jailed and mistreated in Philippi. Contrary to what we would expect, Paul and Silas sing and praise God, strangely glad to have been counted worthy to suffer for the gospel. It explains how Paul could later write these verses to the Roman church, genuinely desiring for them the opportunity to glory in their sufferings. Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because Godís love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.Complete16
RomansLet's Wear a Hat3A short skit illustrating the difference between being controlled by the Spirit vs. being controlled by the Flesh, as discussed in Romans 8. Two game show contestants react to various situations in accordance with the hat that they choose. Complete10
RomansUnstoppable Love of God4A Mad Scientist and faithful assistant set out to determine whether Romans 8:35-39 is true or not. Selecting volunteers from the audience, they subject the volunteers to a series of hardships and extreme conditions, each time testing to see if the love of God is blocked or reduced. Of course, the love of God is not in any way reduced, even when one of the volunteers is killed, proving the Scriptures true once again.Complete8
RomansEric and the Fatal Disease7Eric begins to discover that he has a sin nature, and is very distressed by the way it is evident to him. He begins to yearn for a white tuxedo that he sees in a shop window, but he soon discovers that the price of the tuxedo means that owning it is far beyond his reach. Much to Eric's surprise, the tuxedo is purchased by a stranger and given to him as a gift, just as our righteousness before God is purchased for us by the blood of Jesus and given to us as a gift.Complete7
RomansBearing Weakness10A wealthy homeowner leaves home, commissioning a team to build an improvement on his house. Unfortunately, they are unwilling to accommodate each others' weaknesses, and are unable to finish the project. After firing the first team of builders, the homeowner goes on a second journey, this time instructing them to carefully bear with each others' weaknesses. This team adapts and is successful at completing the project, receiving the homeowner's thanks and a bonus as well. Illustrates concepts in Romans 14-15, where Paul instructs the members of the Roman church to bear with each other and to strive for unity.Complete3
RomansPeace with God4Phil, a teenager, owns a car that does not have a working engine or many other working components, so he has to push the car anywhere he goes. On the way home from a visit to the mechanic, he encounters a car dealership which offers an excellent working car for free. Phil stubbornly refuses the free car in spite of all the advantages, preferring to retain his old, broken-down wreck of a car. This illustrates the unwillingness of man to accept the free gift of peace with God even when it seems to make no sense at all.Complete2
RomansTwo Servants4A short skit illustrating Romans 13:14 through the lives of two servants, who work for the same Master. One servant is diligent, seeking the will of the Master and the good of his estate. The other servant seeks to gratify himself and his own will, rather than working to please the Master. Complete2
RomansWet Paint2A very short skit illustrating the absurdity and arrogance that people have toward the standard and righteousness of God, as discussed in Romans 10:3 -- For, being ignorant of the righteousness of God, and seeking to establish their own, they did not submit to God's righteousness.Complete2
RomansGrafted In9A short skit illustrating the principle of Gentiles being grafted into the tree of faith, as discussed in Romans 11:11-24. Some branches which do not bear fruit are cut off the tree and new, fruitful branches are grafted in.Complete1
RomansTruth and Travel Agency2A short, whimsical look at Romans 10:6-8, which assures us that the righteousness we need is not unattainable, but is actually quite near us and easily reachable through faith. A customer seeking truth peruses the offerings of the Truth and Travel travel agency under the deluded idea that the more difficult the journey, the better the truth attained. Complete1