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Themed Series

Skit CategoryTitleCast NeededScript SynopsisScript StatusRating
Themed SeriesLittle Moe: The Founding of Paradise Gulch11The western town of Paradise Gulch is founded and developed by a wealthy man and his Son, who want to establish a place where people can live and thrive. They attract residents to the town by offering free land for those who will agree to abide by the simple laws of the town. Several townspeople agree to the conditions, including Little Moe, but each of them struggle with a tendency to disobey one or more of the laws. Complete44
Themed SeriesFar Trek: Creation8The fearless crew of the USS Applesauce are transported back to the beginning of time and are allowed to witness the first several days of God?s original creation of the world. Captain Smirk grapples with the question of God?s existence and the validity of the recently-rediscovered Bible, which seems to explain the phenomena the crew is observing.Complete1
Themed SeriesStupendous Man, Episode 1: How to Get to Heaven6A rough sketch (no specific lines). Stupendous man, understanding his sin and the problem with it, tours the world looking for someone who knows how he can be reconciled with God. He interviews Generous Gina, Head-in-the-Sand Hal, Do-Good Dennis and Religious Roxanne, but none of them know the right way to be reconciled with God. Biblical Bob corrects each of their misperceptions, and begins to teach them from the Bible, but Stupendous Man doesn?t entirely understand.Complete1
Themed SeriesFar Trek: Creation part 28The crew continues to witness the creation of the earth, to include vegetation and animals. They begin to speculate about whether this God is the same one who created them, and if so, whether he has any requirements for them. They decide to form a landing party to examine the animals that have appeared on the planet, but are frightened by some lions.Not improved
Themed SeriesFar Trek: Creation part 38The crew watches God finish His creation, and begin to believe that they are genetically descended from Adam and Eve. They witness the scene in Genesis 3 in which Eve eats from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and gives some to Adam, who also eats. The crew is horrified that these newly-created people would forget God?s instructions so quickly, and they begin to search the ?ancient text? to find out what God requires of them. They quickly discover the existence of ?sin? and its fatal consequences, and are dismayed at the thought their own sin may have broken fellowship between them and a Holy God. They begin to see that God has some sort of plan to redeem them through ?Christ?, whoever that is.Not improved
Themed SeriesFar Trek: The Conclusion8The crew is moved forward in time through an anomaly and they arrive at the time of Jesus? crucifixion. Following the story through the gospels, they realize that God Himself is taking the punishment of sin. Smirk leads his crew in a decision to believe in Jesus, and they all kneel and receive Him as their Savior and Lord. They decide to follow the Great Commission and make that their new 5-year mission.Not improved
Themed SeriesStupendous Man: Episode 2: Becoming a Disciple7Seeking to discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, Stupendous Man travels the earth to find a good example. He interviews Lazy Larry, Partying Pam and Legalist Leanne, but none of them know how to be a good disciple. The voice of Jesus teaches him what they could not, and Stupendous Man puts it into practice (how else?) stupendously.Not improved
Themed SeriesStupendous Man: Episode 3: In-Dwelling of the Holy Spirit9After an initial commercial showing how Stupendous he is, Stupendous Man goes to church, where he runs into the Holy Spirit. After church, the Holy Spirit wants to join him in his life, rather than staying at church, so Stupendous Man agrees. The Holy Spirit helps him make good choices, and much joy and spiritual growth ensues.Not improved
Themed SeriesStupendous Man: Episode 4: The Judgment of Stupendous Man8Stupendous Man is killed in an heroic rescue effort, and he stands in judgment before the Most Holy God. The prosecutor (Satan) demands the sentence of death. The defense attorney (Jesus) agrees, but points out that the penalty has already been paid by his own death. Stupendous Man is saved from Hell and given a whole warehouse of rewards.Not improved