Christian Skit Resources

Old Testament

Skit CategoryTitleCast NeededScript SynopsisScript StatusRating
Old TestamentElisha and the Widow's Oil8A widow of one of the prophets faces a cruel creditor who demands her sons as slaves in payment for her husband?s debts. She appeals to the prophet Elisha, who gives her some strange instructions about borrowing jars and pouring oil. She obeys, and God intervenes with a miracle to save her from the cruel creditor.Complete1003
Old TestamentFour in a Furnace9Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are singled out by jealous rivals to be destroyed. When the king builds a huge golden statue of himself and insists that everyone worship it, the evil advisors see their chance. When the three Jewish men refuse to worship the image, they are thrown into a fiery furnace, but are saved by the appearance of an angel. The king learns to honor Jehovah instead of his own image.Complete128
Old TestamentGideon9Gideon, a farmer of the tribe of Manasseh, is called by God to redeem Israel from the Midianite raiders who are plundering them. Gideon?s first mission is to tear down the altar of Baal that stands in his village. Afraid of the reaction of the villagers, he accomplishes this at night. Eventually they find out who did it, and come to kill him, but Gideon?s father intervenes, pointing out that if Gideon has offended a god, and if Baal is a real god, then Baal should be able to punish Gideon without needing any help from the villagers.Complete30
Old TestamentJonah6Jonah is commanded by God to preach to the hated Ninevites, enemies of Israel. Knowing that God is compassionate, Jonah chooses to flee rather than obey God, and is ultimately swallowed by a large fish. After three days of being kept alive in the belly of the fish, Jonah is ready to obey, but still bears resentment against Nineveh and its people, hoping for their destruction. When Nineveh believes his message and repents, Jonah is very angry and is rebuked by God for his lack of compassion.Complete27
Old TestamentGideon part 28The Midianites return to plunder Israel again, but this time Gideon is ready to respond to them, having been promised victory by God. But God has some funny ideas about how a military campaign should be waged, and Gideon ends up cutting his army down to only 300 men. God gives Gideon several signs, and Israel is saved when God causes the Midianite army to destroy itself.Complete16
Old TestamentDaniel and the Green Smoothie9Daniel and his three friends (Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) are taken in exile to Babylon, and forced to choose between gaining political favor or being true to the dietary laws that God had given to the Jews. Choosing to obey God, they persuade those over them to test them for 10 days to see if they will thrive better on vegetables in comparison to those who eat the rich food from the King?s table. The officials agree, and God blesses the four young men so that they eventually are given high positions in the King's government. Originally designed as a puppet show, this script could also be adapted for the stage.Complete9
Old TestamentElijah Puppet Show12Elijah confronts Israel about their worship of Baal, and forces a showdown between Jehovah and Baal. The prophets of Baal agree that whichever God sends fire from heaven to consume the sacrifice, is the true God. Much mockery from Elijah ensues when Baal does not answer. Eventually, the prophet presents his sacrifice, which is immediately consumed by fire. Israel learns that day who is God.Complete5
Old TestamentDaniel and the Lion's Den6Daniel is envied and hated by the Babylonian advisors, because of his high position and favor with the King. Determining to destroy him, they trick the King into issuing an edict that will prohibit Daniel from worshiping God. Catching Daniel in the act, they drag him before the King and force him to have Daniel thrown to the lions. But God preserves Daniel in the den and he is restored to the King the next morning.Incomplete